Cervezas Mond is the authentic craft beer from Seville

Natural beer, Craft beer, Andalusian beer.

Our premium handcrafted beers are produced in our brewery in Seville using modern systems of quality control in order to guarantee the highest standards of all our beers.

We produce handcrafted beer using traditional methods and 100% natural ingredients.

The artisans at Cervezas Mond do not pasteurize, nor filter the beer. Our beer mature in the bottle and as a result, the product is pure and natural.

Premium beers of high fermentation and re-fermented in its own bottle

All our beers are brewed following ancient procedures

Our recipes are a result of the blend of the best barley and wheat malts carefully selected from selected roasteries combined with the highest quality of herbal, fruit or citric hops. This combination gives our beers a unique array of flavor and aroma.

The makers of Cervezas Mond offer guided tours where the visitor can enjoy the unique experience of learning about the traditional elaboration process, the natural ingredients used in our handcrafted beer, as well as the different sections of the brewery.

Know our brewery

The first craft beer of the Vega del Guadalquivir

The brewery Cervezas Mond is located in San José de la Rinconada, 15 minutes from the city centre of Seville and very close to train station of “El Cañamo” of the RENFE suburban line C1.

The address is 6, street Alfred Nobel, in the industrial zone of Cañamo. Here we produce the first craft beer of the plain of the Guadalquivir.

We have all the equipment necessary to produce 4000 litres of beer per month, with a first fermentation realised in vats and a second one realised in bottle.

Our certifications

Cerveza Mond has been certified with the “Superior taste Award 2017 and 2018”, Beer appropriate for vegans-vegaetarians, gluten free, ecological, kosher, certifies ECO-CAAE…

Do you want to visit our factory?

If you want to know how our craft beer is made and try all our varieties you can enjoy some of the multiple tours guided to our factory that we celebrate all the year.